Specialties Home of the most diverse Yoga in Ann Arbor! We offer a wide variety of classes in Yoga and Nia, and host Events and Workshops/Playshops that reflect our commitment to improving and engaging your health and wellness through movement and bodywork. Check our website for an updated list of free Yoga and Nia classes we offer every week. www.a2yoga.com We have a diverse lineup of Yoga classes including, but not limited to, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara Yoga, Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Beginning Yoga, and Nia A2 Yoga is also the home of Ananeo Skin Care – Owned and operated by Jessica Elkins. For more information about Jessica and her services – Facials, Body Treatments, Waxing visit our Skin Care page on our website and selecting the “Skin Care” tab, under “Services”. History Established in 2000 Ana was inspired to improve her health and find balance in her life She began her journey with the practice of Yoga and Nia and has dedicated her life to teaching others and serving her community. Meet the Business Owner:
Ana H. Ana Hough, Founder of A2 Yoga, discovered her true calling in yoga and Nia, and brings creativity and heart-centered teaching to her practice. Greatly inspired by Nia, and passionate about movement, Ana brings a unique and singular style to her classes that is playful and energetic.

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