Specialties Every Body Massage Therapy offers a clean, professional, yet laid-back and comfortable place to receive exceptional massage therapy. As each session is customized to suit each individual’s specific needs/goals, a session may include any combination of massage techniques. Erin is very intuitive with the body, and can accurately sense the right style of massage for each person. She specializes in deep, detailed, thorough, yet painless and relaxing massage. History Established in 2010 My name is Erin Benedetti, and I have practiced massage for five years now. After a few years of having to adhere to the visions of other massage therapists, I decided that it was time I created a place that was modeled after my own philosophies: 1. Massage truly is for EVERY BODY. I hope to show people that it is as important as maintaining the rest of their body! If you drag yourself to the dentist every six months for a cleaning, then drag yourself (haha, bummer right?) to receive some maintenance through massage for your muscles, your joints, your circulation, lymphatic system, not to mention your stress levels. 2. Every person that I work with deserves every ounce of effort I can give. 3. There is ALWAYS a way to get each person the therapy they need. I always encourage people to just talk to me about their specific obstacles. 4. We are our OWN greatest healers. Meet the Business Owner:
Erin B. I will add a bio soon! In the meantime, please feel free to read all about me on my website, everybodymt.com.

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