Specialties Cut, Color, Style, Threading, Dreads, Locs, Dreadlocks, Extensions, SoCap Extensions, Princess Fusion Extensions, Curly Hair, Asian Hair, Clipper Cuts, Fades, Men’s cuts, Women’s cuts, Kids Haircuts, Modeling, Photo Work. Products used and for sale in the salon include Davines Color, Kevin.Murphy, Original Moxie, Knotty Boy, Jane Carter Solution, Magic Weiser, and Giovanni. History Established in 2012 Hello my name is Sandy. I’ve worked in salons in Ann Arbor, Ferndale, Detroit, and Birmingham. I am an expert colorist and love cutting hair with modern and effective techniques. I’m widely known and visited for my dreads and extensions work. I am also Ann Arbor’s first threader. I learned threading from some women from India and have actively offered this service for over 10 years. Odds are, if you know someone who has been dreaded or threaded in southeast Michigan, it was with me. I do a lot of editorial work with models which you can view on my blog. I happily celebrate one year of great success with my salon in Kerrytown. it’s called Grateful Dreads! Meet the Business Owner:
Sandy A. I love animals and natural healing. I have a daughter whom I love very much! I enjoy getting to know people. I love reading and education. I really love creating new trends. I’m happy to be in Kerrytown! I have a fashion blog that keeps me writing. I’m almost always doing hair!!

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