Specialties We’re your local made-from-scratch Ann Arbor bakery. We opened in 1992. We stone-mill our whole grain flour fresh every day and use it to make breads and sweets fresh every morning. We bake over 25 kinds of bread throughout the week, make the most awesome granola you’ve ever had, hand mixed and made fresh each week, and huge, hunky, grandma-like cookies, muffins, brownies and biscotti. We make delicious sandwiches, based on your custom order, everyday from 10-3, and do wonderful catering trays for breakfasts, lunch and special events. Check out our website for our daily menu of breads and sweets. History Established in 1992 Great Harvest Bread Co. orginated in Montana, the home of the hard red spring wheat, the highest protein wheat on the planet. It was started by a hippy couple named Pete and Laura Wakeman, in Dillon Montana. They started a truly unusual business, and in 1991, Dan and Janene Centurione went to Dillon and learned about how to mill the wheat, bake the bread and followed their passion for artisinal breads by starting the Ann Arbor Great Harvest Bread Co. in 1992. We’ve been an active part of the Ann Arbor community and are proud to still be milling and baking for our friends and family here in town. Meet the Business Owner:
Dan and Janene C. Dan and Janene are passionate about running their small business around their core values of generosity, taking pleasure in hard work, celebrating the goodness of real food, and having fun, everyday. We eat our bread for breakfast everyday…. it it’s good enough for us, we know it will be good for you too.

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