Specialties Founded by a midwife & naturopath in 2007 to support mamas looking for holistic support & information, Indigo Forest is a family-friendly boutique & class studio nurturing healthy people & lifestyles. The most common comment is “I wish we had found you sooner!” We have everything for naturally healthy pregnancies, births, and breastfeeding, including such diverse basics as food-based prenatal vitamins, lactation-support herbs, Medela breastpumps and healing postpartum herbal baths. Natural remedies of all descriptions are our passion, and you’ll find a wide selection of helpful resource books, homeopathics, theraputic-grade essential oils, minerals, supplements, vitamins, bulk herbs & teas usually found only on the web. Our “playful family essentials” make Indigo the place to explore for children’s presents, including Waldorf books, cooperative games, gems, stainless water bottles, dress-up, and European rain gear & infant woolens. Request a free class for your group. History Established in 2007 Indigo Forest is the cumulation of a midwife’s 30-year long dream, after seeing that while the birth of our babies is Very Big Deal, families routinely ‘fell through the cracks’ the day AFTER the birth! Often struggling to recover from birth, isolated, with lactation issues, with newborn questions, with parenting or health concerns – where could families turn for practical information in a thoughtful, respectful environment? Parents often first become interested in more natural, healthier lifestyles while pregnant, and welcome a friendly community to continue exploring new healthy ideas – enter Indigo Forest. Conveniently located yet tucked away, Indigo has grown almost totally by word-of-mouth from our very devoted and loyal customers; once a new customer reported they heard about us from another mom in the isles of Babies R’ Us. Indigo Forest has repeatedly won top awards from the Washtenaw Co. Breastfeeding Coalition for our “Breastfeeding-Friendly” workplace & business.

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