Specialties Complete maintenance and repair of all vehicles, foreign and domestic. Services include FREE V.I.P. vehicle inspection program; oil changes; factory scheduled maintenance; new tires and tire repair; brakes; diagnosis and repair of all systems, including electrical/electronic, steering & suspension, heat & air conditioning, and engine work. History Established in 2010 John has owned automotive repair shops in New York and Nevada, and taught classes in New York. He moved to Michigan in late 2009 and opened Master Auto in the spring of 2010. Meet the Business Owner:
John D. John is a nationally certified master automotive instructor and technician with 30+ years’ experience. He has developed state-level training courses and has appeared on TV and radio Q&A programs. He is an expert who recognizes and corrects problems that others misdiagnose, saving you time, money, and hassle. He is the creator of the FREE V.I.P. 110-point Vehicle Inspection Program, an overall health check of your car. For complicated issues requiring in-depth diagnosis, he will never charge more than one hour of diagnostic time, regardless of the time it takes to identify the problem.

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