Specialties METAL is a full-service design and fabrication studio. We provide architects, designers, businesses, and their clients with quality designs and metalwork. We produce beautiful, long-lived, and exceptionally made objects through traditional and digital processes. These pieces are created for commercial, hospitality, public, residential, and retail venues. From idea to actualization METAL works with our clients to design and fabricate long-lived solutions. Our custom metal shop focuses on architectural and sculptural works and has the skill to provide everything from complex mechanized designs to classic restoration services. We utilize top-of-the-line materials and reclaimed metal in an effort to conserve global and economic resources. From workshop requirements to packaging choices, we are environmentally conscious and do whatever we can to minimize our footprint. History Established in 2011 Claudette Jocelyn Stern {Owner & Operator} Claudette’s father evolved a tool and die shop into a precision ball and bearing business so she grew up, and even worked in, the world of metal as early as thirteen. Her more mature work with metal began in 1999 when she began attending the Mesalands Iron Pour in Tucumcari, NM. In developing METAL she sought to bring together metal workers, artisans, and engineering enthusiasts as well as those who love the found and the vintage and to also create, beyond a sound business and creative entity, a place of cultural, scientific and environmental exchange. John Daniel Walters, M.F.A. {Owner & Operator} John has conducted material and process research worldwide. His research and exhibition experience have contributed significantly to his methodology of articulating ideas into form. John combines innovative and classic design principles to provide customers with objects of high detail and unique craft that withstand the test of time.

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