Specialties Stadium Auto Service specializes in Mercedes-Benz auto service in Ann Arbor MI. We also service BMW and most Asian or Domestic vehicles You will get expert Mercedes-Benz service and repair from our Mercedes-Benz factory-trained auto repair technician. Get quick, convenient, economical Mercedes-Benz A-service and B-service with our inventory of Mercedes-Benz parts we keep in stock. We have specialized Mercedes-Benz tools and equipment to ensure your Mercedes-Benz is repaired correctly. Auto Dealership Alternative: You get auto dealership expertise without the dealership auto repair hassle. Stadium Auto Service is an independent, comprehensive automotive repair shop. We work on Asian, European, and domestic vehicles. Our specialty is Mercedes-Benz service and repair. History Established in 1980 I’ve been providing auto repair in the Ann Arbor MI area since 1980. My first 22 years were on the east side of Ann Arbor MI before moving in 2002 to our Hoover Street Auto Repair, located in downtown Ann Arbor next to U of M south campus. Now, 11 years later, I’ve put a team together for a second auto repair shop on the west side of Ann Arbor, Stadium Auto Service. Brian Hogue Business Manager, Team Builder Meet the Business Owner:
Brian H. – Opened Stadium Auto Service in May 2013 – Business Manager / Team Builder, providing Auto Repair in Ann Arbor since 1980 – Started Hoover Street Auto Repair in 2002 – 22 years Shell Auto Care owner/operator – US Air Force service Other than my time in the Air Force, I’ve been an Ann Arbor / Saline resident since 1971. I had visions of owning my own business back in my high school years. One year following my Air Force tour, I reached my high school dream of business owner as a lease/operator of a Shell Service Station on the east side of Ann Arbor. After 22 years at the Shell Station, in 2002, I bought the building on E. Hoover and moved my business there to focus on auto repair in Ann Arbor without the gas business. Now, 11 years later, I’ve put a team together for a second auto repair facility, Stadium Auto Service.

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