Specialties We specialize in naturally leavened breads made with organic and local ingredients whenever possible. That means most of our breads of sourdoughs. We typically offer white, rye and multi-grain loaves of different sizes as well as specialty breads like roasted garlic and herb bread, chocolate and cherry brioche, Moroccan spiced bread, coconut milk flat breads (tiny bit of yeast used), walnut or pistachio bread and more. We’re always trying out new recipes! We are considered a CSB – community supported bakery. We sell breads at markets around town and also sell shares, like a CSA. We don’t have a bakery storefront yet, but please contact us if you need bread on a non-market day or if you have any questions about what we do. History Established in 2012 Even in the early days, Jeremiah and his mama, Susan (aka Mama Susan) were in the kitchen together. Because of the odd hours, Mama Susan said, she would take the young and wild Jeremiah with her to bake, where he would run around the kitchen and then sleep near the warm ovens. Now, there’s not much napping happening, but Jeremiah still runs around all wild and intense, and they are indeed back in the kitchen, baking again. The Mother Loaf is a family operation. MS and Jeremiah are the bakers, and Stephanie is the non-baker. As you may imagine, we are affectionate about bread and breadly things. The Mother Loaf is also supported by other super fantastic family members and uber-awesome friends. Meet the Business Owner:
Jeremiah K. Jeremiah is the head baker and partner in the Loaf. He’s worked in the culinary field for decades and was a home baker before deciding a few years ago to conquer the rise (aka bake naturally leavened breads).

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