The Apple Retail Store is the best place to test-drive and explore Apple products because ita??s the one place you can find everything Apple – including some of the worlda??s most knowledgeable Apple people. Our Specialists help you get to know our products and answer your questions. Our iPhone experts in the iPhone Activation Zone will help you with fast activation, custom setup, and give you expert advice about which rate plan is right for you. And Geniuses provide hands-on technical support and any necessary repairs at the Genius Bar. We know your time is valuable. Thata??s why we offer free Personal Shopping appointments. During your uninterrupted time with a Specialist, you can have your questions answered and get a personal guided tour – including a test-drive of Apple products. Enjoy as much time as you need with no obligation to purchase. Just book an appointment thata??s convenient for you, and wea??ll help you find the Mac or iPod that meets your needs If you have technical questions about your Mac, iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone, the Genius Bar is the place for free advice, insight, and friendly, hands-on technical support. Geniuses use their impressive knowledge to answer technical questions, troubleshoot problems, and perform repairs – right in your neighborhood store. Wea??re here to help! Categories: Electronics | Cell Phones | Computers and Computer Hardware < Read Less

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