Specialties Urban Wave SUP is Detroit and Southeastern Michigan’s leader in all things Stand Up Paddle. We provide Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board lessons and rentals. We deliver everything you need to get started right to your private lake or nearest public body of water! Urban Wave is here to bring Stand Up Paddling to you! Our certified instructors can teach you and you how to stand up paddle and enjoy the beauty of Southeastern Michigan and its waterways. History Established in 2011 We became fired up about SUP after reading an article in Outside magazine in August of 2010 about a dude named Bucky McMahon who travelled between islands in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It seemed crazy to me at that time that it was possible to paddle 10 miles in a day just on a board between cities and islands. We were surprised when less than a year later on we took our first SUP lesson in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Weknew immediately that this was the ultimate sport for us. Standing on the boards with the sun shining, we could see the fish swimming playfully underneath in the clear water as we paddled around the boats in the harbor in an eco-friendly way. From that awesome day forward, we have charged into the SUP world to learn more about the art of Sup’ing. Meet the Business Owner:
Chani D. Born in Michigan, Chani Devers has traveled much of her high school and adult life. Her homes have ranged from from California, Arizona, and Texas to Germany, to name a few! In the 90’s, she served in the military as a combat photographer. After her tour ended, she came to Detroit to earn a commercial photography degree from The College for Creative Studies. Since then, Chani has made Detroit her home and has worked as a freelance photographer while continuing to serve in a very active career with the Michigan Air National Guard. Chani’s surprisingly eclectic background has contributed to her wide-ranging interests. In her free time, she rides her motorcycle, plays drums and guitar, plays ice hockey, makes lots of espresso, plots over road maps for future adventures, hunts for mid-century modern furniture and loves fixing up her vintage Airstream campers. Her love of Michigan’s natural beauty now brings her to the sport of Stand Up Paddle.

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