Specialties Exclusive Michigan Distributer of Patented Hydroxyl Air Cleaning Technology. Odorox Hydroxyls destroy baceria, mold, viruses, oganic and chemical odors, VOC’s, smoke odors, noxious fumes, skunk. Provides relief for allergy and asthma symptomd sinus, lung and eye irritation. History Established in 2010 TruAir Solution is in the business of cleaning interior air & surfaces. Meet the Manager:
Siobhan S. Siobhan after many years working in the design/build industry had a strong interest in the Green Industry. While researching companies in Michigan that had a passion for Green Technology; Siobhan came across a blossoming new company called TruAir Solution. TruAir solution is a supplier of Odorox Hydroxyl Generators. TruAir Solution offers a complete line of odor elimination, air decontamination and air purification systems. They have generators that range from residential, to commercial, to industrial and even to agricultural applications. Asthma suffers can also benefit from the healthy effects of breathing cleaner, healthier air-the kind of improved air quality that TruAir Solution brings naturally to every environment. Hydroxyls are the molecules in our environment that occur naturally when sunlight hits water vapor. They’re the very same compounds that Mother Nature used to keep our air pure and refreshed. Simply put, they are the single most important cleansing agent in TruAir Solution Also Recommends Van Dam & Krusinga Building and Restoration 7858 Ravine Rd Kalamazoo, MI 49009 Category: Contractors “The best at restoration in Kalamazoo!” Servicemaster Don’t Panic 391 Minnesota Dr Troy, MI 48083 Category: Contractors “Quick, Clean Restoration!”

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